Putting Pen to Paper with FEZ

Jul 05

Hey, first update in six months!

(More about site status in the next post, which will also be our final podcast recording.)

I knew the day would come when I’d finally play the super-hyped indie game FEZ. On a whim, I decided to make the past 7 days, “that time.”

And I’m not going to review it. I’d give it five stars. It’s perfect. It does so many new things. It’s so weird and wonderful and cryptic. And what’s amazing is that, save for two *very* obscure things (one of which was only discovered last month by hacking apart the code of the PC version), I did it without walkthroughs.

Here, I offer you the proof of my journey. I haven’t gone this pen-and-paper to solve a game since Myst and Riven in the 1990s. Warning: if you look too closely at these papers and you’re presently working your way through the game, it might spoil things. If you’ve already hit the magic 209.4%, these doodles and mashed-up letters will make plenty of sense to you.

But you can see, I started with small pieces of paper, anything I could find. Envelopes and letters, whatever. After I began to really unravel what was going on, I realized I needed the big guns, so I found big blank sheets of paper and went to town. I actually found the number system to be more obtuse than the letter system. But with each little victory, I was just so proud of myself. Like those blinking stars that gives one of the three red/heart cubes? That was amazing. You can find some horizontal and vertical lines in these pictures where I jotted that one down as quick as I could.

And yes, I did adjust Windows’ date/time to get the anti-cubes for the clock. I wasn’t gonna wait around for any nonsense.

Huge thanks to Phil Fish for sticking it out, to Renaud for programming this beast, and everyone else who worked on the game. I can’t wait for what’s next! Consider these photos a sort of “thank you” for making a game that really brought back my love of puzzle-solving.
















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  1. Dennis /

    Oh hey, you posted again, and that is quite hardcore, though still cool nontheless. I played Fez on the 360 and liked it quite a bit until I got real stuck when it came to a point where I needed to decipher the numbers and lettering. Too abstract of a puzzle for my liking, and feel rather stupid with that sort of thing. More power to does who can crack it though. :)

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