Jurassic Hour #39: Not Today! (Final Episode)

Jul 20

We hadn’t done a podcast update in eight months. If that wasn’t the signal that we were shutting down, well … we decided to be real open about it by providing a final episode.

We talk about our lives. Our futures. Our dreams. Our problems. Same old stuff, really. Also, a ton of games in the last half-hour that you should listen to us rant and rave about. Y’know, if that’s your thing.

We may keep Gameosaurus as a WordPress site. We may downgrade it to a tumblr. We may let it slip away. It’s our call. Content will appear, generally in text form, as we see fit. And keep an eye out for Stasis Concerto, coming … someday! (2015?)

With music from Protomen and Erik Satie.

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  1. I loved this very much and I’m sad to see you guys end the ‘cast. But I’m very glad that it signals great things to come. Thanks again for all the great episodes and the glimpse into your lives. Pete, I hope that I one day get to actually meet you. You’re an especially fascinating commentator on games and you provide lots of great food for thought.

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