Jurassic Hour #34: Jay the Combustible Bunny

Jul 03

Wow, talk about a quick turn-around. I recorded this interview on the same day I posted episode 33. And now we have this episode posted within a few days of the recording. I feel strangely accomplished!

Jay Pavlina, founder of Exploding Rabbit, talks to us regarding his new project “Super Retro Squad.” It’s up on Kickstarter (follow the link, support it!). It’s basically Jay running with the idea behind his free flash hit Super Mario Bros Crossover and taking it to entirely new, huge levels. We talk about this a lot.

Other topics include: friendships, relationships and teamwork as they relate to a creative project; how awesome cats are; whether or not Jay can appreciate playing games anymore, and how much of that just has to do with “being an adult” or whatever; Pat trying to predict everything Jay says, and always getting it wrong (okay that’s not really a topic, but it definitely happens).

With music from Koji Kondo / RRR and Jim Guthrie.

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