Jurassic Hour #27: All The Alls

Feb 11

Winter sucks. We needed a month to recuperate.

But now that we’re back, we’re back with a super-long episode. It’s over two hours! We cover everything that ever happened, EVER.

In this episode, we celebrate Pete’s birthday. We also reformat the show! “One Interesting Thing” and “Ask The Experts” has been combined into “Action Items,” where we just check off the personal-ish stuff we want to talk about. On today’s list? Gym etiquette, winter, The Mental Illness Happy Hour, weird work situations, and cole slaw from grandma.

Our gaming/media segments have been put into a little something we call “Buy, Take, Break, Throw Away” (with credits to Five Iron Frenzy). For “buy,” Pete recommends SHANK 2 and GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS. I recommend the Indie Game Music Bundle. We also talk about the triple-A titles (like FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 and KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING) and why they didn’t quite get the nod. In “take” (free things), Pete recommends the New Yorker investigative piece on Tyler Clementi’s suicide and the students being tried for invasion of privacy and bullying. I mention Superflat Games’ SOUL BROTHER.

In breaking and throwing away things, we touch on Ubisoft’s DRM mistake(s) and the contrasting story of Double Fine’s Kickstarter victory. We also lament the passing of Adam Adamowicz, lead concept artist on FALLOUT 3 and SKYRIM.

Then we break, and when we come back, it’s just me doing a massive interview with two staff members at NIS America. On tap for discussion? Obviously, new and upcoming games (including DISGAEA 3 RETURN on Vita and BLACK*ROCK SHOOTER on PSP). We also talk about their expansion into the anime market, the struggles of localization, the life in sunny Santa Ana, and more. Don’t miss it.

And don’t miss our next episode, coming SUPER soon! It’ll be 100% STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC coverage. Trust me, that’s a good thing.

With music from ONE OK ROCKTenpei Sato and Ken Nakagawa.

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Jurassic Hour #27: All The Alls

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